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Price List

Express Wash only

Standard wash and wax, shampoo, hand chamois and tyres dressed.

Small £12.00
Medium £13.00
Large £15.00
(Sports/Prestige cars)
Ex-Large £20.00
Mini Valet

Exterior wash including optional liquid wax, alloy wheels cleaned, tyres dressed, interior hoover, interior windows cleaned and dusting over plastics.

Small £23.00
Medium £25.00 - £30.00
Large £30.00 - 35.00 (Sports/Prestige cars)
Ex-Large £35.00 - 45.00
Half Valet

Exterior wash, de-tarring outside of car, hand polish exterior, detailed clean of alloy wheels, tyres dressed, door shuts cleaned, a more intense interior hoover, all plastics cleaned, interior and exterior windows cleaned.

Small £70 - £80
Medium £80 - £90
Large £90 - £100
(Sports/Prestige cars)
Ex-Large £100.00 - £110.00
Full Valet

Everything as the Half Valet including seats and carpets shampooed with headlining where applicable. Tornador used if necessary.

Small £90.00 - £100
Medium £110.00-£120
Large £120.00 - £130 (Sports/Prestige cars)

Ex-Large £150.00+

All valet prices are estimates depending on condition of vehicle.

Interior Valet

Seats and carpets shampooed. All plastics cleaned. Headlining where applicable.

Small £70.00+
Medium £80.00+
Large £90.00+

Ex-Large £100.00+

All prices are estimates depending
on condition of vehicle.

Size guide
Small: Fiesta, Corsa, Polo, mini, etc
Medium: Focus, Astra, Golf, Mondeo, Vector, etc
Large: Passat, Mercedes estate, Freelander, small 4x4s, etc

Ex-Large: Large 4x4s, People carriers, Mini buses, Vans, etc




Introducing RED 7 - a highly effective pH neutral wheel cleaner and fallout remover that turns red on contact with metal particles such a dust and fallout.

Red 7 is perfect for removing light corrosion from tools, brake discs, diesel tanks etc. Added gloss enhancers leave wheels and metal surfaces looking like new.

Red 7 is safe for all surfaces including paint, rubber, plastic, aluminium, polished alloy, carbon and ceramics.


Clay Barring

To create a fantastic finish and a detailed "sparkling" look claying is the answer. Having this done before waxing creates a dramatic result that you will notice and this will help retain the brightness.

Claying gives your car the big picture visual results that will resemble the car when you first bought it. Using detailing clay to clay your cars paint will:

  • Claying safely removes above surface bonded contaminants.
  • Claying paint enable your choice of wax or paint sealant to better bond or adhere to the paint.
  • Claying paint restores a silky, smooth, clean surface.
  • Claying paint makes polishing easier, more effective and safer.

Detailing clay uses special abrasives that sand-off any contaminants sitting on the surface without causing scratches into the cars paint work.

Prices start from £30


South Coast Mobile Car Valeting - hand polishing
South Coast Mobile Car Valeting - hand polishing
Hand Polishing from £25 depending on the size of your car. Click image to zoom.
South Coast Mobile Car Valeting - special high definition wax
South Coast Mobile Car Valeting - special high definition wax
Special High Definition Wax from £30. Click image to zoom.
Colbalt+ Ionic Nano Technology Polish

Cobalt+ is a highly versatile spray polish, using unique Ionic Nano technology. From £35.
  • Fast and easy results on wet and dry vehicles
  • Gives an instant deep shine
  • Highly durable, seals and protects paintwork
  • Dust free, will not mark trim


Silver Seal - Paint and Upholstery Protection

Why pay maindealer prices, from £300 upwards, when we can do it from as little as £125 depending on the size of the car.

Silver seal helps keep that NEW car look and feel for longer. If your car is brand new or less than three years old then Silver Seal can help. Why pay dealer prices when we come to you and have it professionally applied to your car - give us a ring to book your car in.

To book your offer click here.


Extra Services

South Coast Mobile Car Valeting - autosmart


South Coast Mobile Car Valeting - aromatek

Odour eliminator

Prices from £50 as this is a 3 hour process to remove odours. A permanent solution to in-vehicle odours. Click here for more info.


Silver Seal - Total Car Protection

Paint Protector, Fabric and Upholstery Protector.

Prices from as little as £125. Why pay main dealer prices when we can come to you and do it professionally and for a great price? Many dealers charge from £300 upwards on smaller cars and up to £500 for a larger car.

Our Price:

Small cars - £125
Medium cars - £150
Large cars - £175
Ex large cars - £200

Click picture to enlarge

Click picture to enlarge

Click picture to enlarge

If only paint protection wanted then please contact us direct for a separate quote.

The condition of a car's paintwork has a direct link to it's value. Silver Seal is a guaranteed protectant for paintwork and upholstery which protects and adds value. Click here for more info


Gift Vouchers

South Coast Mobile Car Valeting offer a range of gift vouchers for those people who have everything except a clean car. These make useful and thoughtful presents for your friends and family on a variety of occasions:

* Birthday
* Anniversary
* Mother’s day / Father’s day
* Valentine’s day
* Weddings
* Christmas greetings
* Congratulations
* Thank you
* Work related rewards

View our selection of vouchers and call us on Tel: 07812 567581 or email us on to buy a gift voucher.



South Coast Mobile Car Valeting require at least 24 hours notice to cancel a booking. There will be a charge if you cancel on arrival.

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